Pattern Crochet Hanging Basket

hanging basket

For this pattern You will need:

– 1 skein Ribbon Yarn & a crochet hook nr 6 (US 10)

– A stitch marker.

– A big needle with a round point to weave in the ends.

-The basket will be about 12 cm x 12 cm or 4,7-inch x 4,7 inch.

hanging basket 2

The stitches we use:

– The chain stitch (CH ST)
– The single crochet (SC)                                                                                                                       – The slip stitch (SL ST)

1. Make 3 chain stitches and close in a circle with a slip stitch.

2. Make 6 SC in the middle of the circle and mark Your first SC with a stitch marker (or safety pin). (6 st)

3. Make 2 SC in each stitch, replace the stitch marker (12)


4. (Make 1 SC in the first stitch and 2 SC in the next stitch) Replace stitch marker.

Repeat ( ) another 5 times. (18st)

5. (Make 1 SC in the first 2 stitches and 2 SC in the third stitch) Replace the stitch marker.

Repeat ( ) another 5 times. (24st)



6. (Make 1 SC in the first 3 stitches and 2 SC in the 4th stitch) Replace stitch marker.

Repeat ( ) another 5 times. (30st)

7. (Make 1 SC in the first 4 stitches and 2 SC in the 5th stitch) Replace stitch marker.

Repeat ( ) another 5 times. (36st)

8. (Make 1 SC in the first 5 stitches and 2 SC in the 6th stitch) Replace the stitch marker.

Repeat ( ) another 5 times. (42st)

9. (Make a SC in each stitch around, replace stitch marker. (42st)) Repeat ( ) another 7 times.

10. Make 10 chain stitches.

11. skip 9 stitches and attach with a SC in the 10th stitch. go around with a SC in each stitch.

(Now we see where the stitch marker is the beginning of the new round, we don’t need to move him anymore.

12. Go another round all around with a SC in each stitch. (42st)

13. Make a slip stitch in each stitch so You get a nice decorative border. (42st)

14. cut of the tread and pull true the loop. Take a big needle with a round point, and stitch in the loose ends.


Ilse 🙂







52 thoughts on “Pattern Crochet Hanging Basket

    • molly55 says:

      If you go to you can create a odd without the pictures. Copy the url of the pattern page you want into the bar on printfriendly then just click on the pix u want to edit out. When u are satisfied, click on odd and one will generate for u. You can now save it and/ or print it out.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Soulmade says:

      Thank You! The stitch marker is not really a stitch marker, it’s a clasp for key’s I found somewhere, but it’s really handy as stitch marker because You can replace it so easily! 😉


  1. Sue Davies says:

    What a useful little basket for a craft room, I love it. I think I’ll try it using denim, with an appropriate sized hook of course. Will come out a bit larger, but that will be Ok. This will be a perfect project to do with my crochet club, thank you so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Isabel says:

    I love it but I was trying to make it with a slightly thicker yarn and it becomes sort of wavy at the beginning 😦 I wonder what I’m doing wrong …


  3. ma says:

    Thank you for this fabulous pattern!!! Just wondering where ever did you get that large “eyed” needle? I’ve never seen one like it before. It looks perfect for projects using this type of yarn.


  4. Sue Flynn says:

    Please keep all the photos.Whatever size of USA hook is it and can we use a bulky yarn instead of ribbon?
    Thank you for pattern.Real cute


    • Soulmade says:

      Hi Sue! I’m happy You like the pattern! You can use any yarn, it will just make a difference in the size of the basket, chose a slightly smaller hook then You would normally use so the basket will be strong, for the yarn I use its a 10/J in US size. Have fun! Ilse 🙂


  5. Linda says:

    I’m curious as to how you got the basket to hang “through the door handle. The bag handle looks like a closed loop and the door handle in the picture looks closed as well. Did you crochet the bag through the door handle or unscrew the handle to insert the bag? I didn’t see any screws in the top of the “brass” handle. Also, have you ever considered using the magic circle to start the bag?


    • Soulmade says:

      Hi Linda! The handle of the bag is big enough to hang on the door handle, and yes, of course you can start the basket also with the magic circle, whatever you prefer! 🙂


    • Jackie Reini says:

      I was wondering about how it was hanging on the door handle as well. In one of the photos, you can see that the top of the handle isn’t attached to the door…the screws are removed. 🙂


      • Soulmade says:

        Hi Jackie, the basket if crocheted with Ribbon xl and hook nr 6 can pass for sure over the handle of the door, there’s no reason to unscrew anything 🙂 If some screws are missing it’s because its an old door. Give it a try You will see, have fun!


  6. Mi says:

    Shouldn’t the “Repeat 5 times” be 6 instead? If you do the math, repeating 5 times would make you a few stitches short.


  7. Prayz says:

    Thank you for your pattern. I made it so quick, pattern makes a lot of sense. Made it with two bulky yarns together as it was a spur of the moment need. Used up left overs. This is for my headbands, will be making more.


  8. penny says:

    Hiya LLse
    Thankyou so much for the pattern im loving making it. I have quick question. I wanted mine to be a little bigger to i carried on to increase 1 then sc 7 and im going to make the hieght bigger to. Do you think i need to chain more than 10 when i come to make the handle?



    • Soulmade says:

      Hi Penny, thank You! I’m happy You enjoy the pattern 🙂 I make mostly handles with 10 stitches, but feel free to make them bigger! It’s also easy to take it out and do them again, so try different things and see what you prefer! Have fun! Ilse 🙂


  9. Jen says:

    Thank you for this wonderful pattern. It was exactly what I was looking for. I enjoyed making my little basket although I used bulky yarn instead of the ribbon. Loved the outcome :).


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