I love fat plants!!

Plants and me or not a really good match. I forget to water them, or sometimes I think “This time I’m not going to kill them” and then I water them too much,…

That’s why I love fat plants!!

They are very forgiving when You forget to water them, and even when You forget them for a while, with a minimum of water they come back fresh in no time!

I love to make little crochet baskets for them, with a plastic bowl or just some plastic bag around the pot there’s no problem at all!

I knitted this little one with light grey Ribbon XL.

Also in a pretty cup they look cute, just put some little stones at the bottom of the cup and it’s fine!

These cups are from Pip Studio.

I also keep them in the white ceramic cups we have in the shop from Sifnos.

The same story, some little stones, soil and ready!

And of course we can’t forget our hanging baskets! You put the plant in a plastic cup and hang it anywhere You like!

You can find the baskets here or here or You can make them Yourself with the Ribbon XL yarn!

Have fun!

Ilse 🙂

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