Postcards from wonderful Greece :)

I love living in Greece, just being here – altho we work very much – still makes You feel more relaxed, the live is more free and the summer nights, where everybody likes to stay outside to enjoy the lovely temperatures after a crazy hot day, are unforgettable 🙂

When You go near the sea and see all the little harbours with the fishers boats and deep blue water, You will fall in love!

You can find archaeologic sites and museums in even the smallest villages around Greece, because here it all began,..

A friend who has a house overlooking the south coast of Crete, told me one morning when she was making her coffee she looked out her window to see dolphins following a fisher boat. How great is that!

And the Greek doors,… I love them! Many artists are completely obsessed with the old Greek doors, they get photographed, painted and sketched like crazy!

I was lucky to find one as a back ground for My pictures, I’m a “Greek door addict” too!

You can find these amazing postcards in My online shop here or in My shop in Kamilari 🙂

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