The first DIY Kits :)

DIY crochet basket kit

The first DIY kits are available in the Etsy shop 🙂 One is for the square basket and the other one for the hanging basket, great projects for starting crocheters too!

You only pay for the materials, the step by step tutorial is added for free!

Ribbon XL

The square basket kit is available in the 5 above colours at the moment, very soon I will add more choice!!

grey crochet basket

The basket is very useful around the house, You can store keys, socks, creme’s and little toys in it, and make them as gifts for all Your friends!


At the shop we have crochet workshops all the time, so with the kits its like joining them  🙂

DIY Kit hanging basket

The DIY kit for the hanging basket has everything included to make up to 2 baskets!

ribbon xl

At the moment it’s available in these 6 wonderful colours but I will add more soon!

hanging basket

The hanging baskets make great gifts too and You can hang them by the entrance, in the bathroom or the kids room to organise all Your little stuff 🙂

The DIY kit itself makes a wonderful gift for Your crafty friends!

You can find the square basket DIY set HERE.

And the DIY hanging basket set HERE.

Have fun!!

Ilse 🙂

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