Pattern hot pot holders

hotpotholder fuchsia

pattern hot pot holder

For this pattern You need 1 skein Milano Eco Barbante, a hook nr 3 or 4, scissors and a needle to weave in the ends.

pattern hotpotholder

  1. Make a magic ring.

pattern hot potholders

pattern hot pot holders

2. Crochet 17 stitches in the magic ring.

pattern pot holders

3. Pull the magic ring to close.

pattern hot pot holders

4. Make slip stitch in the first stitch.

pattern hot pot holders

5. Make 1 sc in the next 3 stitches, from now on we will only pick up the back loop of the stitch.

pattern hot potholder

6. Make 3 sc in the 4th stitch.

pattern hotpotholders

7. Make 1sc in the 5th, 6th and 7th stitch.

pattern hot pot holder

8. Make 1 sc to turn.

patter hotpotholders

9. Make 1 sc in the next 4 stitches, and 3 sc in the 5th stitch,  1 sc in the last 4 stitches. Make a sc to turn.

pattern hot pot holders

10. You keep repeating step 9, You will have 2 extra sc on each row, and You keep making 3 sc in the point of the hot pot holder. At the end of the row You make one sc to turn.

pattern hotpotholders

11. You repeat this until You have the size You want, I make 24 rows.

pattern hotpotholders

12. When You have the size You like, cut of the tread and weave in the ends!

pattern hotpotholder

Ready!! Have fun!!

Ilse 🙂

PS You can find the eco barbante yarn and DIY Kits HERE in the shop!

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