The 100% cotton mercerised yarn is online!!

cotton yarn

We are using it already some time, but from today the 100 % cotton mercerised yarn is online in the Etsy shop!

I like a lot to work with this yarn and it makes me also extremely happy that its Greek, I’would love to find more Greek yarn of this quality!!

greek blue

The yarn is perfect for making clothes, toys, bags and purses. It gives a nicely even result.

jacket nadine

Our friend Nadine, who is a talented crocheter, made this jacket with the silver grey yarn, lovely!!


And a lady that comes on holidays to our village every Summer, purchased the yarn to make animal hats for the school theater of her class, she has send me the following picture:


I was very happy to receive it!! 🙂

petrol blue

Myself I have made some scarves, they are perfect in stead of a jacket on a chilly evening.


Just crocheted in a granny stitch in a triangle shape, easy peasy!

oker yellow

Of course our octopuses! The little squeaky ones are also crocheted with the Petalouda yarn!

little octopus

And yes, our Christmas version too:

x-mas octopusses

petalouda lila

For the coin purses its really important that they have wonderful color combinations. That’s why we love this yarn for them, they have such a great color selection!


I hope You got some inspiration, if You are ready to start Yourself You can buy the yarn and hooks in the Etsy shop HERE.

Don’t forget to send me a picture from what You have made!!

See You!

Ilse 🙂

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