crochet your socks!


I’m a crocheter, I flirt with knitting sometimes, but crocheting comes more natural to me. So I was very happy to find out that yes, You can crochet good-looking, well-fitting socks! Trying out different ways I came up with what I think is quiet a great sock pattern! In time I’m sure it will be improved, but for now let’s enjoy it 🙂

You need 2 skeins of sock yarn (I used sock yarn Fabel from Drops, longprint 623) take a look in My shop for a wide variety of colours! You also need a hook 2,5, a stitch marker and a needle to weave in the ends.

The pattern is for size 39, You can adjust the pattern to Your size by trying the sock while You make it and adjust the rows and stitches according Your feet, just write down what You do so Your second sock will be the same 😉

Let’s start!


1. Crochet 15 ch st + 1 to turn.


2. Work 1 sc in each stitch. (15)


3. Work 1 sc in each stitch picking up only the back loop of the stitch. Repeat another 46 times (15)


4.Crochet the 2 short sides together with a slip stitch don’t cut of Your tread! We will keep crocheting but in the other direction 🙂


5. Turn Your work from the other side so the seam is on the inside. Crochet 2 ch st and 47 dc (that’s double crochets we are doing now, take care!) (48)


6. Repeat step 6 another 17 times. (48)


7. Now we start the heel, we work half the amount of stitches (in this case 24)

Repeat 15 times. (24)


8. Now we work the turning of the heel, (we start on the wrong side)  make sc until the middle of the heel + 1 . (It’s single crochets again!!) so in this case, 12+1 = 13, then crochet 2 together, 1 sc, 1 chain to turn and turn.


9. Make 5 sc, crochet 2 together ( 1 from the up row + 1 from the down row) 1 sc, 1 ch st and turn.


10. Keep repeating this on both sides, until you have no more stitches left, the last tour will be from the good side. The heel will look like this.


11.Make 2 ch st and 1 dc (yes that’s double crochet again!) in each row on the side of the foot.


12. On the foot you make 1 dc in each stitch but crochet the 2 first and the 2 last stitches together.


13. On the other side You make the same amount of double crochets then on the first side.             Join with a slip stitch.


14. Place 2 stitch markers, 1 on each side of the upper foot piece.


15. Now we have to go again to the original amount of stitches we had, so we make 1 dc in each stitch around, only we crochet the 2 stitches before the first stitch marker and the 2 stitches after the second stitch marker together. We repeat this until we have the original amount (or very close) of stitches, in this case I made 10 rows.


16. Then make 1 dc in each stitch for 5 rows.


17. Place to stitch markers or ribbons on the sides of the toes.


18. The toe we crochet in rounds without closing the round so place a stitch marker in the first stitch you make.

row 1 : make 1 sc in each stitch around

row 2 : make 1 sc in each stitch around, crocheting together 2 stitches before and after each of the sides, crocheting 2 sc  between the decreasing. so you lose 4 stitches in this round.

Repeat row 1 and 2 another 3 times, then make only row 2 until you have around 8 stitches left.


19. Take the tread true the stitches and pull on the inside of the sock, weave in the ends and make one for Your other foot,…




Ilse 🙂

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