Why you need an evil eye?

We're all into the evil eye at the moment. 
I can hardly keep up crocheting my evil eye pillows for you, so You're loving them too.
But what're they all about? Do they just look nice or is there more to them,...
The evil eye has been around for about 3000 years, 
from ancient Rome and Greece.
They thought to catch the evil eye was one of the worst things that
could happen to you.
And lot's of cruel things where happening then!
The evil eye protects especially against jealousy. 
The green monster can hit te road when you're wearing your evil eye.

In Greece they even put a little golden or silver eye on the clothes
or blanket of a newborn baby. This keeps the baby protected from the
looks of jealous people.

To believe or not to believe in the evil eye, it’s up to you!

They look fabulous, and if they happen to work, that’s a great extra 😉

Ilse x